The difference between the Spinex Mud Spinner™ and other recycling units is not only the unique design of our unit but our ideology.  Spinex will sell the units, as we don’t believe in forcing our customers into renting equipment that they would prefer to purchase.  There will be rental units available through some of our distributors, however Spinex will be selling to the end user rather than following the rental model.

Currently most companies using or selling solids control equipment for diamond drilling use a scroll style centrifuge.  These have been used in the oilfield for many years and recently adapted for the diamond drilling market, so the technology is far from new.

With scroll type centrifuges they are mostly electrically powered, which limits drill crews or mechanical staff to be able to work on the unit.  They are technically difficult to run and can be very temperamental.  They require consistent and costly maintenance regimes by specialist staff.   

The Spinex Mud Spinner™ is very simple and easy to run with all functions hydraulically powered and controlled with simple 24v electrical switches, they are much simpler than a modern drill rig so drill crews and mechanical staff can do all work and services on the units in-house.

The Spinex Mud Spinner™ can take cuttings directly from the drill collar and does not require a shale shaker to be used before the centrifuge.  The Mud Spinner™ has very few moving parts and can be operated by personnel with limited skill sets.