Each unit will have an estimated flow rate of 100-130lts/minute.  The design is modular and will be able to be broken down to suit different configurations.  The heaviest component is the centrifuge and frame at around 500kg.


Model Designs

4 individual designs are planned in total

  • Heli portable
  • Underground unit
  • Trailer/skid mounted
  • Jack up sloop style with built in mud tanks


The current specifications for the trailer / skid mounted Mud Spinner™

  • W                            2m
  • L                              5m
  • H                             2m
  • Weight                   8mt


Each unit will have its own power pack and be a self-contained set up consisting of:

  • Diesel Power pack (Electric for underground)
  • Centrifuge
  • 3 Submersible transfer pumps
  • 1 Submersible mixing pump


 All units will all have optional extras such as

  • Pressure washer
  • Fresh Water Tank
  • Mixing hopper
  • Skid mounted, or Trailer mounted.

 (The Jack up sloop unit will have the above extras as standard)