July 2015

SPINEX built the first proto type unit

November 2015

SPINEX Field trial of the Mud Spinner™ was carried out and then removed from site so modifications could be made.

February 2016

The first field trials were very successful and establish proof of concept on the centrifuge bowl itself.

February 2018

An Australian based engineering firm was engaged to rebuild the first proto type for more robust field testing.

July 2018

Patents were granted to Spinex.


November 2018

The redesigned proto type was completed, and trials run with simulated drilling fluids.  With the success of this the Mud Spinner™ was sent to site for further field trials.

January 2019

The redesigned Mud Spinner™ completed field testing with great success.

February 2019

A full production unit is under construction and will be taken back to site when completed.

March 2019

Field trials completed and particle analysis carried out by an independent laboratory. Results show a 77% reduction of solids in a bentonite based drilling fluid with the remaining solids in the fluid being of a particle size where the centrifugal force in the drill string is not high enough to cause spin out in the rods.

May 2019

First sale of the Spinex Mud Spinner™ to a drilling contractor who will be using the unit in Australia.